OpenID Connect server for the enterprise

Flexible enough to meet the most demanding business and production requirements. Engineered for 100% uptime, distributed operation and low TCO.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with OpenID Connect

With our Connect2id server you can establish SSO and identity provision throughout your entire organisation, and cover web as well as native / mobile apps.

Become an Identity Provider (IdP)

The Connect2id server lets you become a fully fledged OpenID Connect provider. Face consumer as well as business apps. Federate partner and social logins.

Onboard users to cloud / SaaS apps

You run a brilliant business app in the cloud. Facilitate onboarding of corporate users with our simple Json2Ldap, LdapSync and LdapAuth agents.

Web API for LDAP directory access

Json2Ldap offers the simplest and most efficient JSON web API for LDAP directory data and authentication. Built for your web / JS / HTML5 apps.

Nimble identity solutions

Connect2id serves enterprises and application providers. Our mission is to supply them with the most efficient solutions for signing, provisioning and managing users onto the new breed of web and cloud applications.

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