Connect2id server

  • Delivers OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 to your enterprise
  • Flexible enough to meet the most demanding business and production requirements
  • Engineered for 100% uptime, confident scaling and distributed operation

OpenID Connect + OAuth 2.0 for your enterprise

OpenID Connect is a new identity standard, designed on top of the widely successful OAuth 2.0 framework and backed globally by major players such as Google and Microsoft.

The Connect2id server delivers OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 to your enterprise, simplifying and centralising login, authorisation and identity provision for web and native / mobile applications. It can also federate logins from business partners and social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Engineered for 100% uptime, confident scaling and distributed operation

The Connect2id server offers everything that is expected from an enterprise identity solution:

  • Multi-master clustering for high-availability and scaling.

  • Distributed operation across data centres to serve client applications globally.

  • Zero downtime is required for updates to the software and its integrated components and services.

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Easy integration, streamlined DevOps

Our mission is to liberate our customers, not impose limits on them. The Connect2id server is built to fulfil your business and identity management visions, however bold. That’s why we gave it a flexible web-based integration API, based on REST and JSON, and put great effort to make it as clean and powerful as possible.

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The Connect2id server, presented in 20 slides

Connect2id server overview
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