OpenID Connect server for the enterprise

Flexible enough to meet your most demanding identity and production requirements. Engineered for 24/7/365 uptime, distributed operation and low TCO.

Single Sign-On with OpenID Connect

Issue ID tokens to sign users into web, mobile and desktop applications. With a server that gives you full control over the authentication, consent and UX.

Become an Identity Provider (IdP)

Operate a fully fledged OpenID Connect provider, at the level of assurance required by your applications. Federate social and partner logins, connect attribute sources.

Secure your APIs with OAuth 2.0

Protect your web APIs with access tokens, optionally locked with mTLS to prevent theft and replay. The entire token lifecycle lets itself to be managed.

Confident operation 24/7/365

Clustering for high-availability and servicing multi-million user bases is supported out of the box. 100+ metrics to monitor usage, security and performance in real time.

Zero lock-in!

 Check out our new hosted & fully managed Connect2id service 
 All user credentials and data stay with you 
 Choice of 16 AWS regions 

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What is OpenID Connect?

 Identity for the web and mobile 

No grand mission

We are simply committed to delivering the most advanced and capable server for SSO, identity and API security based on OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and FAPI. Customers consistently praise the focus of the Connect2id server and its clever integration APIs that let them tackle complex and unanticipated requirements.

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