• Synchronises user accounts between two LDAP directories
  • SaaS providers can distribute it to clients to automate user onboarding and sync
  • Available as OEM software, permits branding and embedding

LDAP agent for automated user provisioning

The LdapSync agent synchronises user accounts from a source LDAP directory (MS Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, OpenLDAP, etc.) to a target LDAP directory with Json2Ldap in front of it.

SaaS providers can distribute the agent to corporate customers to automate the onboarding and synchronisation of selected LDAP user accounts and attributes. The OEM license permits branding and embedding. Contact Connect2id sales to inquire about that.


The LdapSync agent is designed to be installed on premise, to provision LDAP user accounts and attributes to a Json2Ldap web API.

It can push / synchronise the following changes:

  • New user account creation.

  • User account updates.

  • User account deletion.

Types of LDAP data:

  • Text attributes.

  • Binary attributes.

Directories often have different schemas for representing user data. To ensure interoperability the agent can supports mapping of attributes names between the source and the target LDAP directories.

The data to be synchronised is pushed over HTTP(S).

Customise and brand

The LdapSync agent is shipped as a Java library (JAR) and a simple command-line utility. Its configuration and monitoring API enables easy customisation and branding.

Example customisations:

  • Furnish the agent with a branded UI to match the application's appearances.

  • Add a configuration wizard.

  • Add reporting and monitoring screens.

  • Embed it into a web or desktop application.

Supported LDAP directories

The LdapSync agent supports any LDAP v3 compatible directory.

Popular proprietary directory servers:

Popular open source directory servers:


Browse the LdapSync API docs online.


Ready to try out LdapSync? You are welcome to download an evaluation copy. No registration is required for that.

Download LdapSync

LdapSync is offered under an affordable licence which also provides you with 12 months of maintenance, updates and our support. Discounts are available if you wish to run multiple instances or would like to integrate LdapSync into your own product or service offerings. We also offer various dedicated professional services such as integration assistance, training and custom add-on development. Get in touch with sales to explain your case and request a quote.