About Us

No Grand Mission

Just a firm commitment to deliver the most advanced and capable server for SSO, IdP and API security, based on the latest standards in the field -- OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and JWT.

Our recipe for success:

Focus on the customer, who is at the heart of our business, and the inspiration to ingenious solutions.

Staying ahead with important new developments, such as the new mTLS OAuth 2.0 profile for hardening token security.

Strong engineering culture at all levels, for a well-built, dependable product.

The Company

Connect2id is an independent, privately held, not VC-backed, simply-getting-stuff-done technology company.

The business was started in 2010, as a side project at first, by Vladimir Dzhuvinov, to put together a nimble, developer-friendly solution for signing and provisioning users into the then emerging new breed of web and mobile applications.

Connect2id operates out of Bulgaria, in the EU, serving millions of identities for customers across a diverse range of industries, mostly in Europe and the United States. The focus is on organic, managed growth, to keep the business and product sharp.


2010 -- Released Json2Ldap, world's first middleware for secure LDAP directory access via JSON-RPC / HTTP

2012 -- Introduced comprehensive open source SDKs for JOSE, JWT, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

2014 -- Connect2id server 1.0 debuts in the same month when OpenID Connect becomes standard

2015 -- First large scale Connect2id server deployments servicing 1 mio+ identities

2018 -- Launched the hosted and fully managed Connect2id service, offering a choice of 16 data centers around the world

Community Engagement

Connect2id is a corporate member of the OpenID foundation, to support the community cause for open identity standards, and to participate in their technical development.

We are currently involved in six groups at the OIDF and the IETF, where we typically help with reviews of new specifications and early implementation feedback: