About the Connect2id company

Effective identity solutions with foresight

We at Connect2id have a strong background in organisation design and process management. That helps us devise identity solutions that make sense to the customer’s business, the people involved as well as the overall IT context.

We take pride in delivering quality software that is future-proof. How do we attain this? With lots of dedication, careful domain-driven design and simple architectures. We continuously strive to become better at this.

At the same time we realise that we don’t have all the answers. We therefore keep track of all emerging industry trends. But above all, we listen to our customers. Many brilliant Connect2id product features and design decisions originate from their ideas and feedback.

Lean software, built on reliable foundations

Connect2id builds lean solutions on top of solid IT standards and proven open-source technology.

We offer our clients expertise in OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, Single Sign-On (SSO) for web and mobile applications, LDAP directories, SaaS user provisioning and cryptographic solutions such as JSON Web Signatures (JWS) and tokens (JWT).

Our identity software is web and service-oriented which enables us to quickly mix best-fit solutions and respond to customer demand. Java is our established development platform and we practice the principles of lean. We engineer for high-availability and scaling from the outset, by employing open-source clustering technology such as Infinispan and JGroups.

Our mission, customers and business focus

Connect2id serves web-enabled enterprises and SaaS providers. Our mission is to supply them with the best solutions for signing, provisioning and managing users onto the new breed of web and cloud applications.

Our company is based in Bulgaria, our customers throughout Europe and the US. We’re currently looking for partnerships in the growing markets of Asia.

The Connect2id business developed organically over the years. It started in 2010 as NimbusDS with the release of Json2Ldap. That was later complemented with products for linking and synchronising LDAP user accounts onto cloud apps. In 2012 we focused on the emerging OpenID Connect standard, releasing an IdP server just as the specification became final.