About Connect2id

No Grand Mission

Just a steady commitment to supply our customers with the most advanced, capable and dependable server for single sign-on, identity provisioning and API security, incorporating the latest standards in the field, such as OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and JWT.

What do we love and believe in?

Deep meaningful work, because it leads to extraordinary and satisfying results, both for us and our customers.

Cultivating customer and community relationships, having recognised early on they are not only good for business and the bottom line, but also inspire new ingenious developments in product and hence even more satisfaction for everyone.

Being inquisitive and staying ahead with those new developments that make a difference, to us and our customers.

Calm engineering culture, for it ultimately translates to a well-built, dependable and stress-free product for the customer.

The Company

Connect2id is an independent, privately held, organically grown technology company, with clients in Europe, America and Asia.

The business started in 2010 as Nimbus Directory Services (NimbusDS.com), providing software and consulting to SaaS providers for onboarding users from enterprise directories. In 2011 the product focus shifted to OpenID Connect, a promising new identity protocol that became a standard in February 2014. In the same month Connect2id server 1.0 was released and the company received its current name and branding.

Today Connect2id provides identity software to customers in fintech, media, advertising, retail, gaming, health care, government, to providers of identity schemes, web and mobile applications.

The Connect2id company is based in Bulgaria, an emerging technology hotspot in the EU and the home country of Connect2id identity architect and CEO Vladimir Dzhuvinov.


2010 Released Json2Ldap, innovative world's first JSON web API gateway for LDAP / Active Directory servers.
2012 The pivot of product focus to the upcoming OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and JOSE / JWT standards leads to new open source SDKs which later become components in products like the Connect2id server and in security frameworks like Spring Security and Pac4j.
2014 The API-driven Connect2id server debuts in the same month when OpenID Connect becomes an official identity standard.
2015 First large scale global Connect2id server deployment servicing more than 1 million identities.
2016 First deployments providing identity services to health care and government applications.
2018 Launched the hosted and fully managed Connect2id service, available in 16 regions around the world.
2019 Connect2id server deployments for fintech applications based on PSD2 / Open Banking.
2020 First provider implementation of the new OpenID Connect profile for Identity Assurance / eKYC.
First enterprise server capable of participating in OpenID Connect Federation 1.0 deployments.
2022 First dab into OpenID4VC with a vp_token enabled Connect2id server.

Open Standards and Community Engagement

No meaningful identity and security protocols exist that are outside the open standards space and it's not just for the matter of ensuring interoperability. The collective expertise, scrutiny and time of a dedicated community is hard to beat, even for large IT companies with resources to spare.

The same can be said for core security software, like the Nimbus JOSE+JWT toolkit, which we maintain with countless contributions from the community.

Connect2id is a corporate member of the OpenID Foundation (OIDF), where we initially joined to participate in the development of OpenID Connect and at present in various extensions, such as Identity Assurance and Federation.

Groups at the OIDF and the IETF where Connect2id was or is presently participating, typically to help with reviews of new specifications and early implementation feedback: