Connect2id server

The identity server that just works and keeps making brilliant sense. 
 Even when you're well past the simple use cases and your 
 visitor traffic has leapt into unchartered territories.

OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 for your enterprise

The Connect2id server is the ultimate certified platform for delivering OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 to the enterprise, with support for industry profiles for open banking, eHealth and eGovernment. It enables web, mobile and desktop applications across a range of domains to securely sign in millions of users, every single day.

What does the Connect2id server cater for?

Single Sign On

Single sign-on
for applications

User authentication

of users

Application security

Securing API


Identity provision and federation

Agile to the core

Why do customers repeatedly choose the Connect2id server?

For the ability to quickly roll out security for applications and tackle with confidence all sorts of business requirements that inevitably emerge along the way. The powerful web-based integration makes this possible. Because everything is an API everything can be scripted to suit your use cases -- policies, identity experiences, monitoring, complementary services. Often with the extra benefit of zero service downtime!

For your peace of mind

Clustering for high-availability and scaling to match demand is supported right out of the box and doesn't incur any additional licensing costs. Operation can be optionally distributed across two or more data centres to serve client applications globally.

The Connect2id server can be deployed on your premise or with a cloud provider of your choice. In the AWS cloud you can make use of DynamoDB, which is perhaps the most completely managed DBaaS.



MS Azure

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Google CP

Stay ahead with emerging trends

You benefit from our deep insights into the underlying identity and security standards, through our membership in the OpenID Foundation and participation in the IETF groups that work on OAuth and JOSE.

We are also proud to maintain the most comprehensive and up-to-date open source SDK for developing OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect clients and servers. We also maintain a hugely popular Java library for JOSE / JWT security.

The Connect2id server in 20 slides

Connect2id server overview
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