Connect2id server

  • Delivers OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 to the enterprise
  • Flexible enough to meet the most demanding business and production requirements
  • Engineered for 100% uptime, confident scaling and distributed operation

OpenID Connect + OAuth 2.0 for your enterprise

The Connect2id server is the ultimate platform for delivering OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 to the internet enterprise. Today, millions of people around the world rely on it for single sign-on, identity provisioning and security for their web and mobile apps.

Learn more what the Connect2id server can do for:

Single Sign On

SSO and session management

User authentication

of users

Application security

Managing access and authorisations


Identity provision and federation

Agile to the core

Why do customers choose the Connect2id server?

For the ability to move fast with new applications and confidently tackle all sorts of business requirements that emerge along the way. The emphasis on powerful web-based integration makes this possible — UIs, rules and policies can be quickly plugged in and then tailored to match any scenario, often on the fly and with zero service downtime. Dedicated web and native interfaces are provided for you to connect your data sources, authentication factors, business logic, and tools for monitoring / administration.

For your peace of mind

The Connect2id server can be deployed on your premise or with a cloud provider of your choice.

Clustering for high-availability and load-balancing that handles various networking technologies and stacks is supported out of the box. Operation can be distributed across multiple data centres to serve client applications globally.

In touch with the community and emerging trends

Our customers also benefit from our practical insights into the underlying identity and security standards, through our involvement in the OpenID Foundation and IETF working groups.

Connect2id also maintains popular open source software for JOSE / JWT security and OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect application development.

The Connect2id server in 20 slides

Connect2id server overview
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