Simple and intuitive JSON web API for directory access

Json2Ldap provides a JSON-RPC 2.0 web API for working with LDAP directories, such as Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP. Central user authentication, directory search, retrieval and management of user / group information - all of that and a lot more becomes possible now with simple JSON over HTTP.


  • Create a secure endpoint for provisioning and synchronising user accounts to your cloud / web / SaaS applications.
  • Provide applications with a mean to access directory data.
  • Save development effort by utilising the simple Json2Ldap web API, you no longer need to deal with LDAP client libraries.

Check out the online Json2Ldap demo to see what you can do with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Deploy once, use for all your applications and directory servers

Deployed once within your organisation Json2Ldap can serve as a central endpoint for your applications to access one or more back-end LDAP directory servers. You save development, maintenance and administration time.

Access and security

You can run Json2Ldap in unrestricted mode or you can configure it to enforce a specific connection policy:

  • Limit access to selected LDAP servers only
  • Limit access to selected LDAP operation types, such as read-only
  • Require TLS/SSL for inbound and/or outbound connections
  • Require all clients to authenticate with LDAP "bind"
  • Impose connection quotas per client IP or bind DN
  • Expire LDAP connections after a specified idle or total connection time

Setup, configuration and use

Json2Ldap is delivered as a web application archive (WAR) ready for immediate deployment in a standard Java web server, such as Apache Tomcat. You can also build your own Docker image. The service is configured with a simple text file or properties passed via the command line. Json2Ldap accepts JSON-RPC 2.0 requests sent with HTTP POST.

Check out our quick start guide.

Example directory search request

JSON-RPC is an simple and efficient protocol for accessing web services, which has optional support for asynchronous messaging. Here is an example Json2Ldap request to search the directory for a user with given name "Alice":

  "method"  : "ldap.search",
  "params"  : { "CID" : "096032ca-ca91-47eb-a366-143832ff4a26",
                "baseDN" : "ou=people,dc=my,dc=org",
                "scope"  : "SUB",
                "filter" : "(givenName=Alice)" },
  "id"      : "0001",
  "jsonrpc" : "2.0" 

Example search response:

  "result"  : { "objectClass" : [ "top", "person", "inetOrgPerson" ],
                "uid"         : [ "alice" ],
                "mail"        : [ "[email protected]" ],
                "sn"          : [ "Adams" ],
                "cn"          : [ "Alice Adams" ],
                "initials"    : [ "AA" ],
                "mobile"      : [ "+359 755 123 456" ] },
  "id"      : "0001",
  "jsonrpc" : "2.0"

Further information

  • Online demo Live demo Json2Ldap featuring three JavaScript apps.

  • Datasheet Json2Ldap system requirements, API and configuration.

  • Quick start How to get Json2Ldap up and running in 10 minutes.

  • Configuration The complete Json2Ldap configuration manual.

  • Web API Explore the Json2Ldap web API.

  • Error codes Listing of the Json2Ldap error codes and messages.

  • Docker instructions.

  • Road map Ideas for future development of Json2Ldap.

  • FAQ Some more or less frequently asked questions.

Contact us if some questions have been left unanswered or if you wish to receive a personal consultation.


Ready to try out Json2Ldap? You are welcome to download an evaluation copy. No registration is required for that.

Download Json2Ldap

The software comes in a standard Java WAR package ready for immediate deployment. Check out the installation instructions for details.

Json2Ldap is offered under an affordable licence. The price also provides you with maintenance, updates and our support for the first 12 months. Discounts are available if you wish to run multiple instances or would like to integrate Json2Ldap into your own product or service offerings. We also offer various dedicated services such as integration assistance, training and custom add-on development. Get in touch with sales to request a quote.