Connect2id server 14.8.3

This Connect2id server release fixes a bug in the SQL connector that was introduced in v14.8.1 last week. Connect2id server 14.8.* deployments are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

More information is available in the release notes below.

Download 14.8.3

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Standard Connect2id server edition

Apache Tomcat package with Connect2id server 14.8.3:

GPG signature:

SHA-256: b02d2d0bb9a3af71d887fddf51748fdfef8b3196d2a46efb37820402a99ba5e1

Connect2id server 14.8.3 WAR package: c2id.war

GPG signature: c2id.war.asc

SHA-256: f311f7f871c49c5d2e10ac72bdce615da9f187e5a4a8fae9c688f7fdfc595981

Multi-tenant edition

Apache Tomcat package with Connect2id server 14.8.3:

GPG signature:

SHA-256: b1de2efc8c26da1b178bc4c0699597da5fcded48f319204f1f991608226ffce7

Connect2id server 14.8.3 WAR package: c2id-mt.war

GPG signature: c2id-mt.war.asc

SHA-256: dc9247aa06deb0d530de5b74e066e23ecd9a72d13f70a1e4f7c2117cbb67bf5d


For technical questions about this new release contact Connect2id support. To purchase a production license for the Connect2id server, renew or upgrade your support and updates subscription, email our sales.

Release notes

14.8.3 (2023-11-08)

Resolved issues

  • Fixes a bug introduced in v14.8.1 that affects Connect2id server deployments with an SQL database. The bug resulted in repeat duplicate SQL delete queries when purging expired records in the database, causing excessive slowdown of the purge task in SQL tables with many expired records, such as records for subject sessions (issue server/938, sql-store/25).

  • The *.sqlStore.deleteTimer metrics must include SQL delete queries performed as part of purges of expired records (issue sql-store/26).

Dependency changes

  • Updates to com.nimbusds:oauth2-authz-store:24.7.2

  • Updates to com.nimbusds:oidc-session-store:16.7.4

  • Updates to com.nimbusds:infinispan-cachestore-sql:7.1.1