Global identity provision with the Connect2id server just got easier

Posted 2017-11-30

Serving identities, SSO and access tokens in multiple regions just got easier. Last night at Re:Invent AWS announced global DynamoDB tables which enable transparent replication of table data as well as multi-master writes across regions.

If you're running a Connect2id server in the AWS cloud this means you can now take advantage of the new feature to create a cluster that spans two or more regions, issuing tokens closer to your applications and users while also ensuring greater overall availability.

Your Connect2id server must be running in stateless mode with a DynamoDB as a backend database and with the new global tables option turned on.

Previously DynamoDB replication across regions was only possible with by deploying continuous streams, but these lacked the multi-master write capability.

At the time of the announcement global DynamoDB tables are supported in these regions:

  • US East 1 (N. Virginia)
  • US East 2 (Ohio)
  • US West 2 (Oregon)
  • EU West 1 (Ireland)
  • EU Central 1 (Frankfurt)

You can find more information in the WAN replication FAQ.