How-to guides

1. Setup, configuration and migration

  1. How to run the Connect2id server in Docker
  2. Deployment checklist
  3. How to evaluate the Connect2id server at a host other than localhost
  4. How to setup two tier caching with Infinispan and Redis
  5. How to setup a TLS termination proxy for Mutual TLS / X.509 certificate client authentication
  6. How to setup the Connect2id server with global DynamoDB tables
  7. How to migrate Connect2id server data
  8. How to setup an LDAP directory for Connect2id server use
  9. How to migrate to a new LDAP server backend
  10. How to upgrade the OpenLDAP schema for Connect2id server 7.3
  11. How to copy LDAP records from one OpenDJ server to another

2. Integration and customisation

  1. How to integrate your login page and auth factors
  2. How to integrate a logout page
  3. How to implement identity federation
  4. How to federate identities in mobile apps
  5. How to integrate an OpenID Connect claims source
  6. User session timeouts explained
  7. How to implement account switching
  8. How to implement custom OAuth 2.0 grants
  9. How to implement client-based sessions

3. API usage

  1. How to register an OAuth 2.0 client / OpenID Connect relying party
  2. How to issue and use an initial access token for client registration
  3. How can an OAuth 2.0 client authenticate
  4. How to request and steer OpenID claims
  5. Encrypted (pairwise) subject identifiers

4. Clustering

  1. How to create a server cluster in AWS
  2. How to debug Infinispan / JGroups

5. Monitoring

  1. How to monitor the server
  2. Key login and session metrics