Connect2id server deployment checklist

These are the minimum required steps to setup a Connect2id server:

  1. Generate a new set of JSON Web Keys (JWKs) for the Connect2id server to secure cryptographically issued tokens and other objects.

  2. Set the token issuer URL that identifies the Connect2id server as an OpenID provider and OAuth 2.0 authorisation server.

  3. Set the URL of the login page for your Connect2id server.

  4. Generate the master tokens for the following Connect2id server web APIs:

  5. Set up a database for the Connect2id server to persist its own data, such as client app registrations and long-lived authorisations.

  6. Provide the details of your claims source(s) for OpenID Connect UserInfo. The Connect2id server comes with a ready connector for sourcing user details from an LDAP directory. If you intend to use a different source implement your own connector.