Hosted OpenID Connect IdP & OAuth 2.0 service

We are developing a hosted service for provisioning OpenID Connect sign-on and OAuth 2.0 tokens to applications. As a subscriber you will enjoy all existing benefits of having a dedicated Connect2id server, but without having to worry about deploying and operating it.

OpenID Connect Login

OpenID and OAuth 2.0 token issue

Issue OpenID Connect tokens to facilitate sign-on and OAuth 2.0 tokens for authorised apps to access web APIs and other resources.

Identity federation

Federate social and partner identities

Support SSO with identities from partner businesses and organisations as well as providers such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.

User database

Your user data stays with you

You can use your own existing user stores. The Connect2id service does not require access to user credentials *, which is good for security.

Identity federation

Bring your own policies

You are free to devise your own login and authZ rules, and script them in any language. They can be kept private on your own servers.

World zones

High availability across multiple zones

The Connect2id service will be available across multiple zones to ensure high reliability and low latency for your apps.

World zones

Collect identity events and metrics

You will be able to collect key identity events and metrics in real time, for logging, audit and BI purposes.

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* The Connect2id server doesn’t require access to the user credentials for the web-browser based code and implicit OAuth 2.0 grants. We’re working on a algorithm to extend this to the resource owner password credentials grant.

† Check out the Connect2id server datasheet for more information.