OpenID Connect

1. Session management support

The OpenID Connect working group is drafting an extension to let client applications manage end-user sessions, including logout. We intend to implement it once the specification becomes final or sufficiently stable.

2. Aggregated and distributed claims

Aggregated and distributed claims is an option for delivering UserInfo claims from third-party OpenID Connect providers.

OAuth 2.0

1. OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange

The OAuth working group is drafting a protocol for a lightweight HTTP- and JSON-based Security Token Service (STS) by defining how to request and obtain security tokens from OAuth 2.0 authorization servers, including security tokens employing impersonation and delegation. See draft-ietf-oauth-token-exchange.

Big data

We are also working on a big data extension to enable plugin of advanced analytics and BI tools. Expected in Q2 2017.

Comments, suggestions?

Please post your comment below, or write to Connect2id support.

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